Bloomfield Borough - Forms/Fees
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Zoning/Permit Officer

               Edward Albright
            Phone - 717-582-8281
      Attention:  Please complete applications and forms online, if possible.
      Use the electronic signature feature or print and sign the form. Return
       to the borough office any forms or zoning plans on the following days:

              Monday, Tuesday or Thursday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon.
              Be certain to indicate on the forms the designated recipient.

                   Attention: Landlords, please notify the Borough of all tenant changes
             by forwarding the Landlord Report Form or calling the office at
             717-582-8888 to be in compliance with Ordinance # 255.



* Note *  Building permits for new construction must also be obtained from:
                    Building Inspection Underwriters / PCCOG-BIU
                    23 E. McClure St, Suite 8 - Lower level
                    New Bloomfield, Pa. 17068
                    Phone - (717) 582-4483 
Right-To-Know Officer
                 Danielle Shope
             Phone - 717-582-8888
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